H-1B Temporary Work Visa

With a H-1B visa, an employer in the United States may hire a foreigner to work in job requiring a certain level of education or experience, if the employee has the required academic background or the needed experience to do the job.

The U.S. Government limits the number of people who may obtain the H-1B visa each year. Generally there are more people applying for H-1B status than available visas. For this reason the agency charged with adjudicating H-1B visa applications, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, hold a lottery to determine which applications it processes and which ones it will reject. To participate in this lottery the U.S. employer must file the visa application with USCIS by April 1 of the year when the employer wants employment to begin. If USCIS accepts the H-1B petition and approves it, the employee will be able to start his job in October of the same year.

If you have a job opportunity in the U.S. and want to know how to obtain the H1-B visa, you may consult your case with Carlos Mauricio Duque, Esq., by calling one of the following telephone numbers:

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• Buenos Aires, Argentina +54 11 5218 4068
• Caracas, Venezuela +58 212 7715900


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